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The most important factor that brings fame to any institution is its strength of alumni. The continuous contribution and association of the alumni with alma mater raises the reputation and prosperity of the institution. Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology (SRIT), incepted in the year 2002 is proud of its strong alumni network. SRIT Alumni Association has its office at Coimbatore, which carries out various tasks by bringing together the alumni and establishing their continuous association with the institution. The Management, SNR Sons Charitable Trust, supports strongly and along with the consistent involvement of the Principal and faculty of SRIT, who are the alumni of SRIT, the Alumni association carries out various tasks. These activities not only provide service to the institution and the society but also bring the members of the alumni to a close family atmosphere. SRIT Alumni Association organized its first General Body Meeting in 2006 and the office bearers were elected. SRIT Alumni Association was registered under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975, in 2012 and the registration number is 134/2012. SRIT alumni Association conducts the General Body meeting on 26th of January every year. The fund allocated for the association is being utilized for various activities to serve the institution and society. The association provides financial support to poor students of the institution through scholarships. All the affairs of the association are managed by the office bearers headed by the president. The secretary takes care of all the correspondence to the association and the treasurer takes care of the financial affairs. The policies and resolutions are decided in coordination with the executive committee members. The executive committee meets once in two months to discuss the activities in progress and also the feedback of the activities completed.

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